Our partners

Online-Shop Netherlands houtenbestekbak.nl

Our partner in the BeNeLux countries www.houtenbestekbak.nl offers our complete program for cutlery inserts.

Switzerland: Beat Bucher AG

Beat Bucher AG, based in Switzerland, supplies not only an exclusive range but also our standard repertoire of cutlery trays, plate holders and storage systems for high kitchen drawers to commercial customers in Switzerland.

Scandinavia: bejo.dk

In addition to Denmark, the company www.bejo.dk also supplies Sweden and Norway with kitchen accessories. Since 2016 bejo.dk has also been offering our drawer interiors in Scandinavia.

German partners on site

Our homepage www.stratmann-besteckeinsaetze.deyou will find the list of some companies from which you can purchase our products. Take a look at our drawer inserts and systems for kitchen pull-outs on site and let our trade partners advise you.